Miss Emily

Continuing on with character inspiration for The Steampunk Chronicles. When I saw Lily Cole in St. Trinians I knew she was my Emily. Can’t you just see her with dreads and goggles?

  • Sarah


    • Anonymous

      Glad you think so! It’s a little scary how much she looks like Em.

      – Kady

      • Sarah

        I know all you need to do is get a big movie producer to make a move of your book *sigh* but it might happen!

  • Maddicarr

    Oh Wow! That’s just how I pictured Em, except perhaps with a pair of goggles and a smudge of grease on her face! :D

  • suzeroonie

    She’s perfect! Except for maybe her height. She’s a model, and pretty tall, and I imagined Em on the shorter side.

  • kaytee

    Totally & as for the actresses height in the movie version, Em had an accident and she got new longer legs (that’s how she knew what to do with Sam)

  • Autumn Ventus

    She is just what I thought for Emily’s face!!! Love it!

  • ashley

    She is soo perfect as Emily, with the baby face and red hair. I think she is perfect as Emily.

  • Johanna Kraus

    I think she is great but I think you should check out Janet Devlin she looks alooot like Emily

  • lolly

    She played a great peasant in Snow White and the Huntsman. Amazing movie by the way and they edited her so she was shorter in the movie.

  • Soccer_goddess

    absolutly perfect. And with Finley and her being friends and all, they’re perfect fit together.

  • Paige

    Yes! She’d be perfect!

  • Heather Nicolini

    When I saw this picture and thought of Em I literally got chills and I mean like the HOLY COW chills haha. So can’t wait for the next book to come out!

    -Heather Nicolini

  • Danielle

    So perfect. I can see her doing wonders with this part!!

  • Maritri9


  • Amanda

    how bout Molly C. Quinn from the tv show Castle … georgous red head…younger than ms Cole… and a great actress… plucky youthfull, sweet with a little tough just like Emily!

  • Jo


  • Anonymous

    this is exactly how i see her!

  • Victoria


  • jazz

    Wow! she is a perfect match. You picked a great Emily

  • Anonymous

    i just watched x factor,anybody else think Janet Devlin would be a good Em?

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