Introducing Finley Jayne

I get asked all the time who I would cast in a movie of my books, or who I used for inspiration. I thought it might be fun to share my ‘cast’ with you and get your feedback. Hate my choice? Let me know. Love it? Say it! Have someone else in mind? I’d love to hear who.

So, here she is, Miss Finley Jayne:

Finley might have started out looking like the fabulous Emma Watson, but she soon took on her ow look, as characters do once I get to know them. Still, I think EW could play Fin in a movie version of the Steampunk Chronicles, although I’d have to see her throw a punch first!

Your thoughts?

  • Sarah

    she should have brown or raven hair

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Finley’s hair is honey-blonde, so this isn’t too far off. Do you picture her with dark hair?

      – Kady

      • Sarah

        Yes but thats only because most tough and dark-sided people I have seen have raven of brown hair :-)

      • Heather Nicolini

        I (Heather Nicolini haha) definatly see her at more of a maybe dark blonde or generally brown hair but that’s just me and Emma Watson would be a good choice for Finely but in my mind I can’t see Emma as Finely but I’m just throwing that out there but good work on the books I love them!!

  • Maddicarr

    I too can see EW playing a wonderful Finley! She’s strong, and a great actress, but I agree: I haven’t seen her darker side yet!

  • suzeroonie

    I think she’d make a great Finley! I can’t wait to see who you have in mind as Griffin. I imagined Domhall Gleeson, who played Bill Weasley.

    • Danielle

      What do you think of James McAvoy. I think he is perfect

  • Poniepenny

    Are you going to have a movie???? Emma would be great as Finley, perfect! :)

  • kaytee

    not that I dont love Emma Watson but what about Abbie Cornish? I love this photo – – Finley of my dreams anyway :)

  • Stephanie Boyd

    Hermione punched Draco in HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban – so there’s a good visual reference! :)

  • Stephanie Boyd

    Hermione punched Draco in HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban – so there’s a good visual reference! :)

  • Anonymous

    PonniePenny, I wish I was going to have a movie! I sometimes ‘cast’ my books, or certain people pop into my head when I’m writing a particular character. This is who I kept picturing when I wrote Fin.

    Kaytee, Abbie is great too! She’d make a fabulous Finley.

  • Autumn Ventus

    I could see either Emma or Abbie Cornish both of them would fit.

  • Ugochi199763

    Finley has honey-colored hair and i think the girl is perfect as Finley. And Emily is also perfect.

  • FinleyFan

    Not that I don’t love Emma but personally I can just NOT see her as Finley I think Abbie would be better suited or Brittany Snow

  • Liyitza A-Gonzalez

    with a few touch ups here and there, I think she would make an excellent Finley Jane. Not much to look at (although she is beautiful) but once in the proper mood, she’ll be ready to give any shite a proper thrashing!

  • lolly

    Emily would make an excellent Finley Jayne. Are you going to ask anybody about making a movie?
    If you are and Emily signs up to do Finley I think she would be perfect.

    • Paige

      Her name is actually Emma. Emma Watson…

  • Paige

    I love Emma, so I’d be thrilled if the books were made movies and she got cast as Finley!

  • Danielle

    She is great but i dont think people can think of her anything but hermonie. I think for grif though James McAvoy would be so perfect its not funny. When i saw him on x men i went back and re read both books because of how much he acted just like him.

  • Maritri9

    I think she would make a great Finley! James McAvoy for Griffin? No way! He’s too old! Grif is supposed to be 18….I think Liam Hemsworth would make a great Griffin….

  • Nathan

    Love her as Finley, Shea’s innocence still which would work well to play on the striking opposite dark side. Not to mention that you need a lighter color hair to really bring out the dark streaks that appear in her hair.

  • Invisibly Beautiful

    I’ve always pictured Finely as the girl on the cover of Steel Corset, even though the book says she has honey blonde hair.

  • Myah

    I love emma Watson as finley it would be a dream come true if these books were made into movies I have read them over and over I can’t wait to see what the rest of the cast would look like

  • Jo

    If you made her look like Finley and not Hermione Granger, people would go for it. She would have to look more grungy though :)

  • Anonymous

    i think she would have a little bit darker hair, and wre are the black stripes.

  • Victoria

    She isn’t exactly the Finley I had in mind, but after thinking about it, she wouldn’t be half bad. The only thing is that time waits for no one, and it won’t be long before Emma’s appearance will be too mature to play a teenager.

  • Rina

    Okay sooo I’ve been doing some looking around and I think I might have an okay idea of some actors who could play our favorite four people, Griffin, Emily, Finley, and Sam. Here goes
    For Finley of course Emma Watson and for Emily Lilly Cole, no Brainers but for Griffin the handsome duke could be played by Liam Hemsworth. The hardest was Sam I’m still not 100% but maybe Corey Sevier?? And that is my imaginary cast XD

  • Kelly Hauk

    Amazing, she would (and hopefully will) be a perfect Finley Jayne.

  • Symphonicrose27

    Okay!! Another choice for Griffin!!! Whoever has seen les miserables and the Oscars recently the super dreamy rebel leader, Aaron Tviet YESSSS

  • Anonymous

    i think brown or raven hair would be perfect for finley

  • Kara
  • Sophia

    I think EW would be great, but I would just see her as Hermione, not as Finley Jayne, I was thinking of someone younger, maybe someone who has not been in a famous and fantastic movie like Harry Potter. But they are just my thoughts :D

  • Gunner

    LOVE it she is perfect

  • Ally Bennett

    I think you need a slightly less girly looking person to play Finley because the only person that treats Finley like she’s made of china is Griffin, so if she looks easily breakable to everyone then I don’t think it would be portraying her very well.

  • Izzie_bella

    Emma Watson would be great, but she would have to dye her hair raven. If she didn’t, that would look just wrong, you know, like Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson series) with auburn hair. Lol

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