Griffin King by Don Higgins

My friend the fabulous Don Higgins has done some sketches of the cast of The Girl in the Steel Corset. Here’s his interpretation of Griffin. What do you think?

Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne by Don Higgins

Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne by Don Higgins

  • Madisonbec

    Pretty much! But I pictured him with shaggier hair..more Demitri from Anastasia with a bit of darkness! :) I love that you’re posting these!!!

  • Hannahjo

    He looks too old to me… No offense.

  • suzeroonie

    I imagined his hair more like Bill Weasley’s, from Harry Potter. In fact, I pretty much had Domhall Gleeson in mind when reading parts with Griffin in it. He looks too old in this picture.

  • kaytee

    love the look but I saw him as a wild haired Jamie Bell

  • guest

    He seems a little… short.

  • Autumn Ventus

    I agree with the Jamie Bell Comment!! Good art work though.

  • ashley

    i pictured Griffin with shaggier hair. And this guy looks a little too old.

  • Erika

    Your description of Griffin isn’t anything like this

  • Grayce

    I just saw him more, boyish looking and shaggier.

  • lolly

    i sort of imagined him as logan lerman, but with a more rugged and victorian age look

    • Whithearty

      I really agree with that one.

  • Myahmena

    I pictured griffin with shaggy hair and more of a boyish look but brown hair

  • Kelsey Castellon

    I think much younger, more like a teenager with a rich-boy getup?

  • Anonymous

    i thought he would have a bit wilder hair. and darker,and a bit younger.

  • Victoria

    He looks cool, but Griffin is supposed to be young and drool worthy. Not quite what I imagine, but not bad though.

  • Rina

    If these books were a movie I always imagine Griffin being played by Liam Hemsworth

  • Kelly Hauk

    wow its ok but he looks oldder then 18 that drawing makes him look as old as my father wo like 60.

  • Rina

    Aaron Tveit from the les miserables!! The super dreamy rebel leader he would be an awesome Griffin!! If your still not convinced look at him at the 2013 Oscars Yesss!!!

  • Anonymous

    but i must admit this is definetly drool worthy

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