Finley by Don Higgins

Another sketch by artist Don Higgins. This time it’s Miss Finley Jayne, ready for a fight.

  • Madisonbec

    I pictured her more wild, less proper, wild hair, tighter clothes, freer

  • Kaitlyn

    she has manly legs….

  • Petra @ Safari Poet

    Wow, I wish I could draw like this.

  • Damienne

    She’s way too proper. I expected a more revealing outfit, fiercer expression, wilder hairdo, piercing eyes, better shoes….
    It’s a great drawing, just not what I’d expect for Finley Jane.

  • jessie

    Well her hair is supposed to be honey colored,just like her eyes…

  • Autumn Ventus

    Great art but not quite Finley Jane.

  • ashley

    I pictured her with honey colored hair and a more tougher outfit. I also pictured her wilder. But the drawing is awesome.

  • Sarah Burkhardt

    Really dosen’t look like Finley more like a deranged mom I do NOT think that Finley would be caught dead in a flower like thing and I pictured her with brownish honey colored hair and maybe a dress with slits on the side and a corset, this is steampunk by the way.
    - Go to this website, I dare you!

  • Erika

    This doesn’t look anything like Finley

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all for sharing your comments!

  • EuphoGirl95

    I expected her to dress more like Emily does.

  • Ceci

    I agree completely that this is a cool drawing, its just not Finley. She had brownish gold hair and didn’t she wear those silk kimono-ish things a lot in the book? She just looks too proper and not like she’s gonna beat you or or has just beat you up. Nice picture, though…

  • TheresaWolffe

    Where’s her steel corset?

  • Warosebrock

    Its not Finely Jane

  • Skylark

    I expected her to be more, I don’t know… Finley? Not that this isn’t a wonderful representation, it’s just that her clothing seems a bit… off. she should be wearing that short skirt, striped stocking combo, shouldn’t she? And her eyes need to be fiercer, darker, even.

  • Becky boo

    She looks way to sweet like a model not what I thought she would look like. I think her clothes should be ….. More reveling if u know what I mean and less like she is going to church but it is a good pic

  • gunner

    The chopsticks make her look like a bee

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