Emily by Don Higgins

Another one of the talented Don Higgins’ imaginings. Here we have his vision of Emily. What do you think?

  • Sarah

    Not at all!!!

  • Madisonbec

    the face but not that tall! Also she would be WAY more covered up! Her hair needs to be crazier!!!

  • suzeroonie

    I imagined her shorter, and more covered up. But as far as his artwork, it’s brilliant <3

  • Maccelona

    I love this picture but I personally saw her shorter and her red hair more curly and wild framing her face.

  • Erika

    You have GOT to be kidding me

  • lolly

    i love it and your dream actress of her is amazing

  • becka

    this i more how i pictured finely

  • Jsob1213

    i thought she would be a little rougher

  • Rina

    If Griffin thought it was awkward to see Finley’s SHOULDERS then why do the drawings of Emily and Finley display everything there is to see??

  • jazz

    I thought She would be more delicate looking and less revealing. Guess I was waaay off.

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