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I have one thing to say about these Harlow shoes from Fluevog: Yes, please!



Found these on the blog French Kande. Aren’t they gorgeous? French heels circa 1730. Beautifully ornate, and in fabulous condition for being almost 300 years old!


Another sketch by artist Don Higgins. This time it’s Miss Finley Jayne, ready for a fight.

Another one of the talented Don Higgins’ imaginings. Here we have his vision of Emily. What do you think?


I’m featured an article on females in Steampunk fiction. Just click on the previous sentence to read the article.


My friend the fabulous Don Higgins has done some sketches of the cast of The Girl in the Steel Corset. Here’s his interpretation of Griffin. What do you think?

Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne by Don Higgins

Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne by Don Higgins


Continuing on with character inspiration for The Steampunk Chronicles. When I saw Lily Cole in St. Trinians I knew she was my Emily. Can’t you just see her with dreads and goggles?


I get asked all the time who I would cast in a movie of my books, or who I used for inspiration. I thought it might be fun to share my ‘cast’ with you and get your feedback. Hate my choice? Let me know. Love it? Say it! Have someone else in mind? I’d love to hear who.

So, here she is, Miss Finley Jayne:

Finley might have started out looking like the fabulous Emma Watson, but she soon took on her ow look, as characters do once I get to know them. Still, I think EW could play Fin in a movie version of the Steampunk Chronicles, although I’d have to see her throw a punch first!

Your thoughts?

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